Spring Athletes Explain Seasons’ Successes

Each year, high schools all around have their spring playoffs. There were a variety of sports played for this year and many of our students here at Eleanor Roosevelt participated. Lacrosse, softball, and baseball had strong seasons in particular. Our baseball team made it to the state playoffs, won their county championship, and had a great season. Although boys lacrosse had some losses, they had a good record and ended off with a pretty good season. Softball had a constructive season and didn’t go as far but still showed progress and presented our school. Athletes from each sport explain what made their seasons something to be proud of.

Throughout the softball season, player Stephanie Osuji stated that this season was “unmatched” because it “was the first full season I got to play softball here at ERHS, because of the role that COVID-19 played in my first and second year of high school, and it felt great to be able to go as far as we did”. Stephanie also stated that the season was “constructive” and she “expected us to give it our all and try for states this year as a team. I truly believe that we did that. We took the swings, we came to the practices, and we locked into the games. I in no way think that we failed. This team exceeded expectations because we did not go quietly. We forced other teams to reconcile with the fact that we had gotten better than we were the previous year, and we believed–and still believe–that we had a shot”.

Throughout the lacrosse season, player Kevin Mayo believed that “the best part of the season was senior night. Having a chance to play together as a team for the last time on our home field was a special moment for all of us. The team really came together and we all played hard so that the seniors could enjoy one last victory on our field. This was a memory that we’ll probably never forget, so I’d say it was the best moment of the season for sure.” As a player on the lacrosse team, I, Kalani Buggs, couldn’t agree more with Kevin because of the fact that this the game really brought us together and boosted the teams confidence to where we felt like we could compete with anybody.

Throughout the baseball season, player Malik Myles shared his thoughts by saying that “the season went pretty well, we did our best to keep our streak going and I think we did well to finish out the season 15-1.” He also thought that the team exceeded expectations with an undefeated regular season, and a perfect game under their belts. “The best part of the season was our game against Bowie for the regional championship” states Malik, “it was a close game with a lot of exciting moments and we were able to pull through a win.”

Overall, the spring playoffs were tremendous and everyone worked together to make their teams very well presented.