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Students Discuss Prom Costs

Bessie Huang, Staff Writer

A survey sent out to the students of Eleanor Roosevelt High School near the end of March revealed that out of 263 respondents, over half (142 students) are planning to go...

May 18, 2017

ERHS Students Exchange Culture with Japanese Sister School

May 18, 2017

Board of Education Decides Against Cell Tower on ERHS Grounds

May 10, 2017

Students’ Take on Student Protests

May 9, 2017

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Bryce Dubayah: PG County Athlete of the Month

Alia Parker, Sports Editor

Eleanor Roosevelt High School senior Bryce Dubayah had been named Prince George’s County’s Athlete of the Month for the month of April. Dubayah is being recognized for...

May 8, 2017No Comments

Recap of the Washington Wizards

Ratrell Ray, Staff Writer and Cartoonist

The Washington Wizards had a horrible start to the season, beginning with a record of 9-14. Initially it seemed as though the Wizards would have another disappointing season...

May 8, 2017No Comments

Baseball Overview

Jade Washington, Social Media Manager

ERHS varsity baseball team played their first game for the season at Charles H. Flowers high school on March 21st. Coach Andrew Capece teaches here at Eleanor Roosevelt high...

May 8, 2017No Comments

Why Do We Hate Duke?

April 25, 2017

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Student Life

A Rising Senior’s Advice for Underclassmen

Zsyrii Ennis, Advice Columnist

Since I'm going into my last year in High School I have found out some things that I wish I knew a little earlier Here are a few tips for upcoming underclassmen: All four ye...

June 1, 2017No Comments

Ask Zsyrii : Is a Dream School Worth a Price Tag?

Zsyrii Ennis, Advice Columnist

Should I go to the school of my dreams for a higher cost, or go to a more affordable school that isn't my top choice? - Sincerely Indecisive Dear Indecisive, Your...

May 18, 2017No Comments

Ask Zsyrii : Motivation Gone

Zsyrii Ennis, Staff Writer

Dear Zsyrii, School is getting really boring and I want to know how do I stay motivated and continue the school year without skipping? Sincerely, Tired Dear Tired, School...

May 8, 2017No Comments

Don’t Break Your Wallet for Breakfast

April 13, 2017

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Should high school students protest election results?

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Eleanor Roosevelt High School's Student-Run Newspaper
Eleanor Roosevelt High School's Student-Run Newspaper