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Transforming the Temps

Transforming the Temps

December 6, 2019

Inside the Planning of High School Nation Concert

Nyla Howell and William Huang

November 4, 2019

High School Nation is a school touring agency. They performed for ERHS's students this Tuesday, October 8th, to showcase artists from across the country. But how did this complex event all come together? We asked Mr.Kevin Hawk,...

Why Are Students Stepping Back from Social Media?

Nyla Howell, Managing Editor

October 22, 2019

It is a common stereotype that teens are obsessed with using their phones and scrolling through social media. Social media plays a major role in our modern society. It's how information is passed around, allows people to explore and view new things, and helps pe...

Summer Walker’s “Over It”: Bop or Flop?

Tae'Shaun Vann, Staff Writer

October 22, 2019

On October 4th, 2019, artist, Summer Walker released her highly anticipated second R&B album “Over It”. She was introduced to mainstream media with her hit “Girls Need Love”  that lead her to becoming the #8 R&B Artist worldwide. She released “Playing Games” as the first single...

Raider Gianna’s Tips for Final Exams

Gianna Thomas, Staff Writer

June 6, 2019

Final Exams are taking place today through June 11, with makeup exams scheduled for June 12 and 13. It’s important to study and review to pass exams. Here are some tips for review: Don’t spend too much time on one subj...

ERHS Elects New Class Officers for School Year 2019/2020

Tanaya Moore, Staff Writer

June 6, 2019

This week, students in the classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 voted for class officers after days of viewing flyers around school, watching videos, and listening to their classmates explain why they deserved a vote. The results ar...

Students React to Option to Opt Out of RP For 2020

Nyla Howell, Staff Writer

June 5, 2019

PGCPS has determined that starting with the class of 2020, S/T students can opt to take dual enrollment courses instead of Research Practicum for their senior year. The Science and Technology Program was established in Prince...

Is Vaping an Issue at Eleanor Roosevelt High School?

Kenny Davis, Co-Editor-in-Chief

May 17, 2019

The vaping crisis among teenagers has increased at enormous rates, concerning health critics that are unaware of its potential effects. However, is vaping an issue here at Eleanor Roosevelt High School? Teenage vaping has ...

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