Letters to the Editor

from January 3, 2017

Dear Raider Review,

I had the privilege of being a Career Day speaker at Eleanor Roosevelt High School last month. Rather than go on and on about what I do, I thought it would be much more fun to have the kids dive right in and get to work on some of the things I do every day!

I split the classes into 3-4 groups and assigned them with the task of launching a new, luxury pet spa. The teams had 25 minutes to come up with a name for the business, design a logo, write a tagline, create a grand opening promotion and social media strategy for announcing it AND complete a press release (which I had given them a template for). ALL OF THIS WITHIN 25 MINUTES as I wanted them to 1. figure out how to divvy up the work amongst the group in order to get it all done and 2. feel the pressure of intense deadlines that come with working in my field!

After the time was up, each group got a couple minutes to present their work. I spent some time over break reviewing and critiquing the work and scored them on each of the tasks they were assigned.

“Pristine Pups” was the overall winner and, as a surprise, their group will be receiving custom “Pristine Pups” Amazon gift cards. 😉 All of the kids were an absolute JOY to work with and I am really proud of their work! (Photos can be seen on my Facebook post, below. I can also provide them via e-mail.)

Vanessa van der Have
Owner, van der Have Marketing & PR Consulting
ERHS Class of 1996
ERHS Class of 2020 Parent