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Louisa Ellison
Louisa Ellison, is taking Journalism for the second year in a row.  She is taking Journalism with the hopes of improving her writing but also because having an informed public is the key to change in politics and social norms. The country is at the brink of change and Journalism and an informed public help to propel it forward.

She was made Co-Editor in Chief this year and hopes to help the Journalism Class and Club to create and publish hard-hitting, accurate news.

Louisa loves writing but one of her favorite pastimes is reading. She loves to read so much that she created Raider Readers, the resident book club here at Roosevelt. In her free time, she plays soccer for the Varsity team and Varsity track. She also indulges her musical side by playing viola for the school orchestra, being in  Tri-M (the Music Honor Society), and jamming with friends

She is excited by the prospects of reporting the news accurately and can't wait for the new year to get started right away.

Louisa Ellison, Co-Editor in Chief

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Louisa Ellison