Me Too – The Revolution We Were All Waiting For

Louisa Ellison, Staff Writer

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In the last few years, #metoo has taken center stage, giving survivors of sexual violence the power and confidence to speak out. 

Though I have not been sexually assaulted, I am relieved that if I were to be, I would be taken seriously. The victims of sexual assault have been hushed and kept quiet for far too long. The Me too movement allows the soaring voices of past humiliation and defeat to share their stories and to confront the tyrants who for so long have remained victorious.

For those not familiar with #metoo, the Me Too movement is an internet phenomenon that helped to call out sexual harassment and allegations in Hollywood via twitter. However, before its popularity boom, it was a statement uttered by Tarana Burke.

Burke worked with black women and girls from low-income families and managed to create a forum to discuss sexual violence within the Black community and society. The statement me too was born after Burke had a profound discussion with a young 13-year-old girl being sexually assaulted by her stepfather.

Burke was at a loss for words with no way to respond.

“I didn’t have a response or a way to help her in that moment, and I couldn’t even say ‘me too,” Burke admits according to The New York Times.

Burke’s work since the incident has helped to address survivors of sexual violence. The hashtag created via Twitter-#metoo has created a startling wave of women survivors, coming forward and telling their story.

The Me Too movement has managed to create a forum with which people feel comfortable to share their experiences of sexual violence. Survivors of sexual misconduct standing in solidarity with one another.

The Me Too movement has grown to encompass not only sexual violence but sexual harassment in the workplace. As a feminist, meaning I believe in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, I find it difficult to believe women will be as successful as men as long as they don’t feel safe in the workplace.

People in power it seems never have to reap the consequences of their actions however #metoo is giving people the world over the capacity to create change. 

Me too was the shot heard around the world.

Although many are afraid of its implications, it is acting to uncover the truth.


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