Ladies, It’s Not Over Yet


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Democratic Women in 115th Congress

Louisa Ellison, Writer

Women are gradually gaining prominence in politics. Ladies give yourself a pat on the back, but don’t lean back and take a break yet. Representation in Congress has never been exceptionally diverse. Even today, representation is primarily male. Thankfully, the number of women in the political realm has been increasing.  According to Business Insider, “a record 106 women were elected to serve in the 116th House, an increase of 15% over the 92 women who served in the 115th House. A total of 131 women will serve in the 116th Congress.” As much as this is a positive trend, I am afraid this growing representation will slow. Typically after change for an issue starts to occur, people become more complacent. We cannot let this happen. 

Approximately 50% of the nationwide population is female, but representation in Congress is significantly lower by approximately 20%. 

As a female, I do not have the representation I feel I need in Congress. My rights and needs are not protected by individuals who have my interests at heart. How am I supposed to have confidence in my government if they do not understand the issues and plights that I go through?

Recently, events such as the Women’s March have provided women with the opportunity around the country to show their dedication towards making a change. Going to marches and protesting, help to show dedication towards making a change. Make sure to vote for people who represent our interests. If we want to continue to see a change, we cannot stop.

Some men are intimidated by women in power, but we cannot let them impact our growth. As we push forward, we cannot let them sway us.

Just when you think change is occurring, there is a regression. Without proper representation, women’s rights are constantly under attack. It seems the moment we turn our heads away, progression halts.

We cannot stop halfway into our goal, if we want change, there can be no pause. We need to relentlessly push for equality and so I plead: let’s not halt in our strides and let’s keep pushing until our policies have representation in Congress.