Club Feature: School Beautification Club


Trinity Aldridge

As students begin to get more comfortable with the school year, there are still many ways Eleanor Roosevelt can improve the learning environment. New found club, School Beautification Club, run by juniors Jordan Eberhardt and Hazel Hayashi, makes it their goal to improve the aesthetic of the Roosevelt interior, thus boosting student morale. 

           When you take your first step into Eleanor Roosevelt High School, it can be hard to feel excited and ready to learn when your atmosphere isn’t as warm and welcoming. Environment plays a big role in a student’s learning experience, especially one where you are spending 8+ hours a day in. The School Beautification Club makes it their duty to make Roosevelt a place in which students are eager to do their best. 

        This is one of the newer clubs as Jordan and Hazel founded this club in November 2021. After hearing one too many complaints about Roosevelt’s interior. “You notice a lot of teachers decorate their classroom to make the students’ surroundings more welcoming and fundamental, but why have we never thought to carry this outside of the classrooms?” Says Jordan after asking her why this club is so important for the school. “I think many students can benefit from what this club has planned.” 

         Some past activities the club has done for Roosevelt were decorated halls and classrooms for Halloween. Members were tasked to go to classrooms that wanted to decorate for Halloween and help them do so. The members asked for feedback on how the decorations affected the classroom and all of them said not only did they say many students noticed and complemented the decorations, but it also made good conversation starters. Hazel adds, “These slight changes that increase bigger conversations create a more comforting environment that can lead to more class participation.” 

       The School Beautification Club has many projects planned for the near future. Their most upcoming project is going to be a motivational staircase. It consists of painting the school stairs with motivational words or phrases. This project is just the beginning of what improvement, no matter how little or small, can be done to make Roosevelt an active and more inviting environment in which students will be eager to learn.

       So if you or anybody you know may be interested in making the school a better learning environment for yourself and your peers, you can sign up for this club today. Meetings are bi-weekly on Thursday in room 131, at 3:30 pm. The club looks forward to seeing new members excited to make a change.