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Don’t Break Your Wallet for Breakfast

Sabah Rana, Student Life Editor

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With seemingly a million options from the various food places to stop by around the school, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what to get to eat in a rush so we tend to get stuck in a routine. Want to know what’s worth trying and spending your money on? Try these suggestions from students around the school.

Dunkin Donuts (5900 Greenbelt Rd):

“I recommend maple donuts with vanilla chais” – Serge Selenou, 12th

Image result for maple donuts dunkin donuts

Photo courtesy of Delish

“Dunkin Donuts is a lot cheaper than Starbucks and there’s a drive through so it’s better. You need to get iced coffee even if it’s cold. ” – Maryam 12th

“Their hash browns are the best.” – Catherine Peterson, 12th

Dunkin’ Donuts crispy, golden hash browns in a brown bag.

Photo courtesy of Dunkin Donuts

“A box of munchkins because then you can share with your friends.” – Alexis Yakulack, 12th

“chocolate donuts and water” – Trevor K , 12th

McDonalds (6219 Greenbelt Rd):

“I always get egg and cheese sandwiches.” – Alexis

College Park Diner (9206 Baltimore Ave)

“the grandfather special at the college park diner 😩”  – Anderson Uris, 12th

Starbucks (7541 Greenbelt Rd):

“strawberry refresher with coconut milk is really good” – Rosemary Iwuala, 12th

Image result

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

“Very berry hibiscus, it’s a juice with caffeine” – Kyra Chambers, 12th

Image result

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Breakfast is important and if you don’t have time to or just don’t want to go out to buy anything, make sure you eat something at home!

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Don’t Break Your Wallet for Breakfast