Teacher Feature: Ms. Russell

Chantal Greaves, Staff Writer

This school year the guidance department introduced a new member, Ms. Chereka Russell. Born and raised in Montgomery County, Ms. Russell has worked in Prince George’s County for almost fifteen years.

Describing herself as a first-generation immigrant, Ms. Russell talks about being a Jamaican-American growing up in a full house. “I have 6 siblings and tons of nieces and nephews,” she recalled. She claims that here vast family has positively influenced her ability to work so well with others.  Later on, she would receive a sociology degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, in addition to a degree in social work from Salisbury University.

In the past, Ms. Russell has taught business education at Suitland HS and Central HS,  as well as working with administration and in-school suspension. Ms. Russell enjoys working and collaborating with her students, although working in schools has not always been her passion.

“When I was younger, I wanted to work with adult inmates and help to reintegrate them into society”, Russell reveals, continuing on to explain that she eventually discovered that she was better working with teenagers. “She is extremely thorough,” says Mrs. Lomax-Frazier, one of her fellow guidance counselors. “She is very conscientious of those around her and has a caring nature.”

Having sponsored many clubs and programs at her previous schools, Ms. Russell looks forward to accomplishing the same at Roosevelt.  She currently helps with the school’s new PBIS program and expresses her interest in becoming more involved with the extracurriculars offered at Eleanor Roosevelt. In the future, Ms. Russell hopes to become an administrator and to continue to work closely with students.