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Dillon Austin

Dillon Austin, Staff Writer

For a long time now Dillon has thought long and hard about life and his role in it. As he continues to search for what he might want to do for a professional career, he decided to take a look at Journalism. He's always had a natural knack for reading and writing, even though he doesn't always enjoy it. He doesn't plan on having a significant role in the Journalism program at ERHS, as it may turn out to be more than he can handle at the moment. If he does find a passion for journalism, and can see himself using it as a way to express himself and the things that go through his head, it could be a great opportunity.

Outside of journalism, he is a fan of sports, music, movies & TV media, video games and comedy. He has an interest in doing some type of self owned media such as Youtube or Twitch or things of that nature. He used to play football from grades 3-9, and is considering playing his final year of high school next year. As of recently, he's taken interest in movies & TV media. He often likes to learn the names of actors/actresses and directors he notices in many films he watches. Along with his increased interest in new forms of entertainment, he's also greatly expanded his music taste as of late, listening to more varieties of genres from different time periods, as well as music from different cultures and languages.

At the moment, Dillon is very unsure of where he sees himself after school, and hopes to find a sense of direction in the upcoming years whilst trying new things such as journalism and drama.

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Dillon Austin