The Tiktok Impact on Students

Gerardo Solis, Staff Writer

Tiktok is an social media platform that is affecting the students of Eleanor Roosevelt (and other schools) in a negative way, and how the app can be toxic that it can affect the student’s mental health. The app is also a time consuming addiction, students will always spend their time on Tiktok.

Tiktok has been out for 7 years in 2016, and became the most downloaded app in 2018. By 2022, Tiktok has over 3 billion users and over 1 billion active user each month. The app has a consecutive amount of cyber bullying, making the people feel worse about themselves and putting them back in a hard shell where they won’t come out of. Not to mention how addictive it is, how much time it consumes from students that are always on Tiktok and can never get anything done. 

Here are some opinions of an ERHS 11th grade student, who prefers to be call Izzy, talks about Tiktok and how he feels about it. Izzy believes Tiktok is full of fan bases who are “to quick to choose sides,” and that is “full of controversy.” He also believes that many people are being “weird for little likes and views” which makes everyone want to hop on the trends. Whenever Izzy puts Tiktok to the side, he has a better sleep schedule and that he is in a better mood, making him productive for the day. Now, Tiktok is not the only impact on ERHS, but other schools as well. This 11th grade student from Parkdale highschool, Samantha Clemente, shares how she felt after she deleted Tiktok off her phone. She deleted this app because she noticed how much of a “big distraction” it was for her and how she would go on her phone and on Tiktok “every few minutes.” This really had an affect on Samantha, Tiktok impacted her for a while and finally decided to remove it because of how toxic it was, but she developed better habits after taking time off the app. Samantha talks about how she is able to “focus more” on her work and she is more productive on her free time, says she does productive things than being on her phone scrolling through Tiktok.