How Students Like Me Are Adapting to Distance Learning

Thomas Whitley

In this brand new virtual world we all have to learn how to adapt. As students our daily routine has changed from waking up and transporting to school to waking up and logging on to the computer. We no longer walk from class to class but now we are hopping from Zoom to Zoom. With the change comes adjustment. We began virtual school last year with a light school load as it was the end of the year and everything around us was constantly changing but now with a whole summer to prepare and a whole year of material to teach students have to learn the most effective ways to grasp concepts virtually and balance a heavy workload. I reached out to a few ERHS students to see what they are doing to get the most out of the school year. 

When distance learning started for this school year I knew it would be different. I had to find ways to still maximize my learning experience. I happened to stumble across an article called “Six Tips for New Distance Learners” on the Vaughn College website and it gave me some great ideas about staying focused. This article inspired me to ask some fellow classmates how they are making the most of their distance learning

When asking Senior Jayden Hogg where he found it most effective to be throughout the school day and he said his desk. Hogg explained that being in his room gave him “the quiet he needs to focus during instruction and be in his own space.” He went on to say that “the desk gave him a feeling reminiscent of being in the classroom.” I also asked Jayden what was most effective for him to get his work done. He answered the question stating he usually “takes a break after school” then proceeds to do his work at night. This strategy might work well for some students but  we are all different. When talking to Elijah Clary he said that he found it most effective to do his work right after school so he could “get it out the way.” When it came to getting the most out of the school day Clary also felt that being at his desk in his room was the most efficient way to learn throughout the day. The last student I talked to ,Kayla Moses, had different views from both Hogg and Clary. Moses said for her to be most effective during the school day she needed to leave her room and sit in a common area. When explaining why she said it was hard to associate her school day with her room because that was where she went to “Get away from everything” She also said there were “too many distractions” for her to focus.  Moses also stated that when it came to completing her work she would break it up and do little bits at a time. 

In the unprecedented times we are all just trying to make the best of our situation. As you could see different students all found different ways to still be productive and make the most out of school. If you are struggling I hope you can take some ideas from these students to improve your virtual school experience.