Why Students Need Enrichment Programming During the School Day

Why Students Need Enrichment Programming During the School Day

Cynthia Hopes

Students are only given time after school to engage in activities they are passionate about, but we also must consider why it would be a positive change to implement enrichment programming during school hours. This article will explore several reasons for why education should be enriched for students. I have also interviewed students from Eleanor Roosevelt and asked them their unique personal interest, if the school offers classes that cater to their skill/hobby, and if the school has classes that they feel defines their individuality. After reading about the benefits of enrichment days for students I found articles that explain why investing time and money into student enrichment would be very beneficial for students.

Enrichment programs allow kids the chance to delve deeper into their passions, interests, and hobbies, which can encourage their creativity and imagination. These activities can introduce students to novel concepts and topics and motivate them to take risks and can encourage pupils to become curious and want to learn more. Students would also be able to develop and increase their self-confidence and self-esteem when they have the chance to succeed in a subject they are enthusiastic about.

Having frequent enrichment days would also foster the development of critical thinking skills that can be applied to several facets of their academic and social lives. Participating in enrichment activities gives children the chance to engage with classmates who have similar interests, which can strengthen social skills and promote a sense of community. Students who may be having trouble in typical academic settings may benefit from additional assistance and resources that enrichment programs can offer. Enrichment programs assist children develop a passion for learning and improve their academic success by offering additional methods to study and explore.

School enrichment programs can be a crucial part of a well-rounded education by giving children the chance to explore their hobbies, pick up new skills, and reach their full potential.

Enrichment days for students should be prioritized because students need space to grow their personal interest and including enrichment in the curriculum would ultimately help students feel more engaged with school 

Kendall Brookswalker, a student at Eleanor Roosevelt, is a student athlete who enjoys the game of chess. He states “I would join the chess club but I’m too busy after school with work and soccer.” If we implement days where students are given a chance to engage in other activities outside of the strict curriculum, then many students would have time to involve themselves with activities that they are enthusiastic about. Another student, Randy Salvador agrees and states “I would feel a lot more excited about engaging in learning about a topic I’m actually passionate about, like soccer.” Many students would appreciate it if we introduced enrichment during the school days. Schools would also be opening the doors to promote students’ creativity, imagination, self driven exploration, and help build their self-confidence!