How Students Can Improve Character and Confidence in High School

How Students Can Improve Character and Confidence in High School

Cynthia Hopes

When students first enter high school they are welcomed with new opportunities to become involved with different clubs and organizations, giving them a chance to positively impact and connect with their school environment. Alongside connecting and impacting the environment, students are also subject to personal growth in specific areas that can ultimately prepare them for their future careers. As they join in-school activities it is highly recommended to become involved with leadership roles. Participating in school activities and joining clubs is always a fun experience, but according to students and internet resources, having leadership roles during high school is the utmost cultivating experience and helps develop character, leadership, and organization, and helps students discover new interests.


Leadership roles come with great responsibility, but after speaking with Elenor Roosevelt’s senior class president, Praise Odiaka, I quickly learn that his experience as the senior class SGA President has been a groundbreaking experience for him. He shares “I’ve always suffered from social anxiety but being class president forced me to tackle it head-on”. He strongly advised that students get involved with school leadership because it comes with many benefits for character development. He expressed “Being Class President has allowed me to develop a new level of maturity that I’ll carry on for the rest of my life.” Praise has been able to battle his fear of public speaking and build self-confidence and has discovered great joy in taking the lead of plans like spirit week. The skills he has learned from his experience as the Senior Class president will carry on in his future endeavors. 

Sage Lancaster another student leader at Eleanor Roosevelt has also shared similar opinions and experiences. Sage is the student body president and shares how she has also gone through her self-discovery journey as she took upon the role. She shares “I’ve learned that I love feedback. I’m always ready to improve” Learning how to take criticism and make improvements is a strong character that is very beneficial as students work towards a brighter future. Sage urges students to step out of their comfort zone and take on leadership roles as she states “Not only does it look good for college, but it builds so much character and confidence.” The key skills Sage says she has learned from her position is “Leadership, organization, public speaking, and intentionality”.

After speaking with these bright student leaders it is clear that students should be more open to considering leadership roles in high school. A student may feel discouraged and believe they don’t have what it takes to lead, but you will never discover your potential if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone. Praise shared “I used to dread planning things, but now, it’s one of my favorite hobbies.” Many students fear public speaking but Roosevelt’s Senior Class President was able to overcome anxiety and build up his confidence. Sage Lancaster says as Student body president “I am able to get out of my shell. I have so much fun and learn so much about my peers”. Overall, if you are a student willing to improve your character and discover your strengths, it is advised that you get out of your comfort zone and take the lead!