Get to Know Roosevelt’s SGA President and Vice President

Joyce Zhang

After a two-year hiatus, school events and traditions are making their comeback. One returning event, in particular, is SGA elections. SGA is the Student Government Association and it represents the whole student body at Roosevelt. SGA consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. All students are allowed to vote in this election, however, only juniors and seniors are allowed to run for these positions. With this restriction, a vast majority of the freshmen and sophomores cast a vote for candidates they have never even met. With that being said, meet your 2022-2023 SGA President and Vice President!

SGA President Sage Lancaster. Photo Courtesy of Sage Lancaster

Senior Sage Lancaster has been chosen by the student body at Roosevelt to be the SGA President for the 2022-2023 school year. She is also the president of the clubs Black Student Union and Women in STEM. In addition, she is the founder of the organization, The Eileen Initiative, with the mission to teach people of color how to swim. Some of her interests include web and graphic design, TV shows produced by Shonda Rhimes, reading and traveling. Lancaster got her start in student government as a class representative in 3rd grade and eventually got involved with the county-wide SGA and expressed that this experience highlighted to her how “so many things impact students every day.” However, this experience also made her realize that all the things she wants to accomplish starts in school, “specifically Roosevelt.” As SGA president, she strives to increase school spirit, bring back events that create memories for all, focus on student growth and bring back awareness to students and most importantly, maintain high levels of communication and student engagement.

SGA Vice President Alyssa Knott. Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Knott

Junior Alyssa Knott is SGA Vice President for the 2022-2023 school year. She describes herself as a “normal stressed-out student and teenager.” Her motivation to run for student government came from her concern about the environment she is in and the struggles she observed students experience. She felt that the best way to get involved was to “participate in the decision-making process.” Knott’s goals are to give students a purpose to be at school and give them more opportunities to grow into adults with the experience to live as teenagers. She stresses that she “just wants everyone to have fun and for school to not be factory-like” and highlights that she “just wants us to be kids.”