ERHS Cookbook: Cook and Contribute


Photo Courtesy of Simply Recipes

Kaliya Young

Many can agree that food is enjoyable when made by the right person. However, sometimes we may find it difficult to figure out what we’d like to eat. Some of the student bakers and cooks here at Eleanor Roosevelt High School have shared their go-to recipes! In this ERHS Cookbook several recipes are provided so that you can have some inspiration for the next time you have trouble finding something to eat. The book includes recipe titles, class year, ingredients, estimated prep/cook time, and prep instructions. This cookbook’s purpose is to shine light on some of the school’s bakers and cooks! If you love food or enjoy cooking or maybe you’re looking for a career in the culinary arts then you should check out the ERHS cookbook. Also, feel free to add recipes of your own! Click below to access the file.