ERHS 2021-22 School Year: Most Memorable School Events

Munyu Njoya and Joy Reider

The 2021-22 school year has proven to be quite unique, with it being our first year back from distance learning, it has definitely been a rollercoaster.  This school year has been a year of laughter, stress, and sleepless nights. As the year slowly comes to an end, it’s time to look back and remember what made this year a great one. The Raider Review staff present an overview of five memorable events that took place this year. 

1. Fall Spirit Week

The fall 2021-22 spirit week was one of the most memorable events that took place this year. Unsatisfied with the official themes organized by the school, a few students came together and decided to create “better” themes that were influenced by the social media platform, TikTok. The Raider Review covered how students chose the one that they thought was best and participated in that one. Overall it was quite refreshing to see everyone participate and show school spirit no matter which theme they went with. 

2. Going Back Virtual for Two Weeks

It’s hard to forget the uncertainty that was felt when it was announced that the county would implement distance learning from Monday, December 20 through Friday, January 14 due to an uptick in COVID cases. It gave a lot of people deja vu back to March 2020. However this time we made it back and learned to appreciate being in the building. 

3. Spring Spirit Week

The ERHS Spring Spirit Week 2021-22 was hands down the most memorable event that took place this year. From dynamic duos day to class colors day, each day was just as good as the last, not only did students participate, they went all out. The third day –culture day– was the most colorful day Roosevelt has ever seen, and each continent was highly represented.

4. Basketball State Championships

Returning from the two weeks of virtual learning, with no practice or anything it seemed almost impossible to achieve this goal. However the basketball team showed us otherwise and got to the state championships. It was a very intense game against Churchill, with two overtimes, however we emerged the victors. Bringing Roosevelt its fourth basketball state championship.  

5. Lockers Logistics

Lockers this year have been a complicated roller coaster, from them being taken at the start of the year, then given to us  and being taken again. Students just had to accept the reality of not having lockers this year. 

Things we may have forgotten about:

Below are a few events that took place at Roosevelt this year that we may have forgotten about.

1. Homecoming Pep Rally/ Field Day

With an interesting twist this year due to COVID, an unconventional type of pep rally and field day accompanied Homecoming. There were performances from the step team and ASU. Classes competed in a variety of games from powderpuff to musical chairs and tug of war.

2. Pipe Leak

 February 23 2022, had to be the most disgusting day this school year. A pipe broke on the main floor, which caused almost half of the school to be covered in what students hoped was just water. 

3. Spring Field Day, or Lack Thereof

With the excitement from the last field day, students were eager for the next one, but due to the weather forecast it was “postponed” and it ended up never happening.