The Beginning to the End of Class Caves


Corey Bast, Photo Editor

After three months of school being in session, Prince George’s County has permitted schools to use lockers. With this exciting news, followed disappointment for students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School (ERHS). Students received their lockers on Friday, December 3, 2021, but were not thrilled when they found out about the recent changes in location.


Traditionally, seniors and juniors at ERHS have had their own class caves where students meet before and after classes to catch up. In the present time, the caves seem to be one big mix– some seniors are in the junior caves, and some juniors are in the senior caves. Could this be the beginning to the end of class caves at ERHS?


Cora Jackson, a 22’ senior at ERHS, is in favor of class caves noting the caves “indirectly encourage seniors to take a leading role in planning school-wide bonding events.” Jackson also states the class caves “motivate [students] to do more for our school and get excited about continuing Roosevelt’s legacy of vibrant culture and spirit.”


Jackson views the senior caves as a “milestone for Roosevelt students,” and explains how the senior caves “play one of the largest roles in facilitating school spirit, as it is the site for prom-posals, flash mobs, performances by dance, step, and cheer teams, many clubs’ meetings, and so many more school activities.”


David Akinkuolie, a 22’ senior at ERHS, believes that by mixing the class caves the “iconic feature” has been removed, and will be known to future class generations as only “the caves.”


Olanna Nwozo, a 22’ senior at ERHS, explains her disappointment stating seniors “talk about getting a locker at the caves and so finding out your locker was taken by a junior is disheartening.”


With the lockers being brought back, ERHS has updated its regulations in an attempt to keep the spread of COVID to a minimum. Students are now only allowed to go to their locker three times a school day, once at arrival, lunch, and dismissal. In addition, students are not allowed to share lockers. Lastly, students can only spend two minutes at their locker.


Although these restrictions are understandable given the circumstances, it is unfair for some students. Many students have seventh-period lunch and are unable to switch their materials throughout the day. For students like Nwozo, this restriction is not bothersome because she has fifth-period lunch, and is able to switch out her morning and afternoon materials mid-day.


The current freshman and sophomore classes have never seen the class caves to their fullest potential, leaving it up to the juniors to continue the tradition next school year. An anonymous junior expresses they are excited to continue the school spirit in 2023 and are looking forward to having “hangout spots” with their friends.


Now with the return to in-person learning after a short virtual intermission for the holidays, ERHS has decided to not use lockers until further notice. Making this whole situation comedic and an unnecessary struggle.