Seniors Settle Into College Decisions


Image courtesy of Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

Catherine Venancio

As seniors are about to graduate they are getting ready to commit to colleges whether they were rejected from their top school or accepted they’re moving to this new stage in their life and sharing their experience. Seniors share their process on college and the final decisions they had to make on our school page, Instagram @Erhs2k22 where they share their college commitments and what they’re planning to major in. Students share why they chose their college; some say because of financial aid other because of great programs colleges offer. 

Several seniors gave their reasons as to why they want to attend a certain university. For example Zayd Muhfaz who is attending UMD  said “some schools impressed me more than others like San Diego because of its well known medical programs.”

Others want to stay near home and be able to stay close with their family members. Like Jo´ash Williams shared he was planning to stay near home because ¨my parents told me it was better because of money wise.”  Some of these colleges weren’t first choice although they did end up picking them they provided great opportunities others didn’t. Muhfaz stated although his final decision was attending UMD he was very eager because either way he said “ït will still be in a new environment as well. UMD has great programs for anything  I would want to major in¨. Wren Thomas is attending community college. It was not their first choice but they think they will save more money and probably transfer in the future which is a big goal for them: ¨I want to go to a four year accredited university.” Thomas stated ¨it was also easier to get into community college because of my dual enrollment classes I had already taken.” Seniors start these new steps in their lives and wish them all the best.