Students Share Appreciation for Teachers


Kimberly Alvarenga Franco, Social Media Manager

What makes a teacher? All students have a different answer to that question, from personal and other experiences; but what makes a teacher stand out? Teachers are the ones who keep the school going, teaching their lessons and making it as creative as they can. They stay after school and tutor students that need the extra help, let students come during their break to make up a test, and are available for students at all times. Classes are not always easy for them and to be a teacher it requires a lot of patience and communication. We have one or two teachers that have made it all possible for us. It’s nice to always thank all the teachers that make it possible for us everyday, and who have taught us everything we need to continue with our lives.

Students here at Eleanor Roosevelt High School have a lot to say about the teachers.

“I love how all my teachers teach, and the way they all go out to make the class very creative everyday. Ms. Richman is the teacher I like, she is the nicest teacher,” responds freshman Brenda after asking her how the teachers are like in this school and to share her experience. ¨Mr.  Jibril is very unique in his ways. He makes the class fun and I always look forward to going to his class,¨ says a freshman named George. ¨Ms. Miller teaches honors English and I love her class,¨ says a junior named Toure. ¨She is very flexible about work and she is very respectful and understanding with all her students and makes sure to give extra time with students,¨ she continued. Mr. McNeill shared what he loves about his job is the experience of seeing all the kids become adults: “I see the Freshmen start and end up all adults and seeing that and having the chance to be part of that has to be the best part of being the principal here.¨

There are some teachers that are kind and helpful to give you a hand on things. For example, give you more time, help you if you don’t understand something, stay after school to have class ready for the next day. If you think we come early, imagine them as well. So it’s nice to take some time to thank them for coming early, for staying late, for tutoring the students that need the help, volunteering in clubs and being a part of us in our daily lives. Now what exactly makes a teacher? They are the people we will remember in the long run, and thanks to them, they have helped us for our future successes. 

Thank you to all the teachers here at ERHS. School would mean nothing without you guys.