Seniors Praise the Value of Summer Jobs and Programs

Seniors Praise the Value of Summer Jobs and Programs

Bernard Bangura

It has been an incredible four years of school for Eleanor Roosevelt high school seniors. The school year is coming to an end, and seniors in ERHS will be leaving the school in a short period of time and getting ready for prom, graduation, as well as getting fully prepared for their future careers. Our junior, sophomore, and freshmen students will be in school for the next couple of months until the school year ends in June. As seniors get themselves prepared for their future careers, some seniors would be thinking of applying for summer jobs or continuing working in their current jobs. Some seniors will be going on vacations, and also summer programs and activities such as dual enrollment, playing basketball, soccer, football, track and field, or swimming. Seniors are keen to see what impacts these jobs or programs will have on their lives.

One of the main and very important reasons why summer jobs and summer programs are very useful for kids, especially teens is to be exposed to a wide range of experience; such as going places, interacting with other people, trying things out of their comfort zone. A lot of Summer jobs and Summer programs are uniquely designed to provide many of the experiences that teenagers need. Both summer jobs and summer programs have different side effects. Going on summer programs gives students a likely possibility to succeed on what courses they are working on. Having jobs over the summer can boost up many students’ skills and habits.  Summer jobs can also “build the sense of responsibility of a student” said by Trevor Stuart, a senior in ERHS. He work as a dockhand, which means he helps out at a boat yard.              

“Summer jobs and summer programs are important for gaining skills that haven’t been taught in school” by Grace Rankel,  a senior in ERHS. She works as an “assistant art teacher”.  Her duty in that position is to help kids understand art work. She gained a lot of experiences and knowledge such as “approaching kids who need help” and how she would handle the situation.

As many students are planning on getting jobs or going on summer programs this summer, many students will be going on vacations as well in different places. Some may go on vacation around the US, while others may go to other countries. The majority of twelfth graders at in ERHS are attending colleges. As we are in a deadly pandemic things have been really hard on everyone especially on kids and teens and also the global economy. For example there have been fewer after school activities and also students have to maintain social distance and also social gathering. There have been a lot of schools closing. With the cause of school closing it has been really hard for some students to concentrate in their classes especially with the online learning. Despite all of this seniors are ready to prepare themselves for their next stage and continue thriving.