Getting to Know Ms.Tatro


Photo Courtesy of Kaliya Young

Photo of Ms.Tatro reading in the library

Kaliya Young, Staff Writer

The new Eleanor Roosevelt High school (ERHS) Librarian Ms. Tatro was welcomed to the school in August 2021. She heard about the job when Mrs. Peterson, our recently retired ERHS librarian informed Ms. Tatro that she’d be leaving. When the listing for the job was put up, Ms. Tatro applied immediately. “I was so excited I applied for the job as soon as it was listed because I really wanted to be a part of Roosevelt. Getting this job was the best thing that happened to me in 2021!” says Tatro.

Tatro shares that her favorite part of working in the library is finding books that students are interested in and hearing their recommendations. One student recommended “The Survival List,” an apocalypse fiction book, which is one of Ms. Tatro’s favorite genres. Ms. Tatro states that she loves reading books outside of her preferred genres and loves giving the unexpected a try. She mentions that she’s read books from the ERHS library and has a few on her reading list.


When asked about other work that takes place in the library, Tatro explains that she not only checks out books for students but also teaches them. Some of the activities listed were teaching students how to research properly and how to use technology efficiently while making it enjoyable. 


While on the subject of students Ms. Tatro talked about how she views the library as a place other than teaching and reading. “I want the library to be a place where everyone feels welcome and safe,” says Tatro. She mentions that students have come to her before when having panic attacks or needing to talk about their mental health. She always makes time to talk to them and allow them to calm down before sending them to their next class. 


Outside of the ERHS library, Ms. Tatro loves doing color by number paintings. She enjoys reading historical, dystopian, and apocalyptic fiction novels. Tatro mentions that she’s a very fast reader, especially when reading books she finds  interesting. 


Ms. Tatro is a kind, creative, caring, and inspiring person. She shows interest in the books that students pick out and is open to giving and receiving recommendations. As well as creating a safe space in the library for students to talk about their problems. Ms. Tatro has quickly become an important part of the ERHS community.