ERHS Celebrates First Big Snow Day in 2 Years

Many students were caught off guard by Monday, January 3rd’s snowstorm, as the temperature the day before was in the low 60’s. Senior Andre Rodgers “was actually surprised that we had a snow day” and wonder[s] how many more we will have.” Students aren’t exactly adjusting to the new snowy conditions just yet. Students  “almost slipped on ice Monday just for taking out the recycling.” The snow has made simple outdoor tasks difficult, justifying the two day closure.

Community members report mixed feedback on snow days. Parents at ERHS “love the snow” but think it’s “too cold to play in.” A teacher from the Science department, Ms. Katy Komar, states that “snow is pretty but I get so cold and it just takes forever to warm up. My dogs Ripley and Boone LOVED the snow.” Overall, ERHS loves to see the community covered in a white blanket of snow, but doesn’t like to withstand the blistering cold. Check out how students and staff spent their snowy day in the slideshow below.