Concerts Are Back, but Not How We Remember


Mon Laferte singing at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. Photo courtesy of Abby Lopez.

Kenny Graninger, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Covid-19 vaccines have allowed for a number of different events to start back up again. Probably one of the most noticeable ones being concerts, which were greatly affected by the coronavirus throughout the pandemic. Now that people are being let back into concert venues some Eleanor Roosevelt High School students have started attending them again. Artists are taking action to ensure their concerts make everyone feel safe while being able to enjoy the performances.

Eleanor Roosevelt senior Haley Bateman recently went to a concert called Knotfest Roadshow with performances from Code Orange, Fever 333, Killswitch Engage, and Slipknot. When Bateman arrived at the venue they mentioned that “all attendees were required to present proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of the concert.” ERHS senior Abby Lopez said that the concert she attended required similar procedures along with the requirements for masks. Lopez went to see Mon Laferte at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. Lopez noted that at the Fillmore they had hand sanitizing stations for guests and that they “wipe[d] down surfaces between each event.” Some concerts at larger venues had more elaborate processes to ensure safety during Covid-19. Clarksburg High School junior Marley Pinsky went to a Tame Impala concert at Capital One Arena in D.C. She explains when she was “going into the concert they required IDs and at least a picture or proof of vaccination” the reason for the ID being so that they could make sure that the vaccine card and ID matched up.

Despite all of the new regulations and rules at these concerts, ERHS students were still able to have a good time. Bateman says that the concert was their favorite concert by far, explaining “All of the bands were amazing and you could tell how happy they were to be back on stage performing again.” Even though masks were not required at this concert Bateman says that “Most of the groups spaced themselves out the best they could which made it easier to see as well as more Covid safe.” Lopez talked about how her concert required masks and that even though this happened she still enjoyed the same amount as any other concert she had been to. Lopez mentioned that she “had the opportunity to be near the front of the Mon Laferte concert.” However, because of this Lopez explained that she “had to be more cautious about bumping into others and making sure that my mask was above my nose when I was singing along.” Pinsky discussed that she enjoyed seeing Tame Impala a lot more now because her opinion on the music has changed and it felt “new and exciting.” She stated that since she hadn’t been to a concert in so long it felt like we had “made it through” and that “we reached the light at the end of the tunnel” despite Covid still being very apparent nowadays. Although lots of concerts now require vaccinations, masks, and negative Covid tests, attendees can still have an enjoyable time seeing their favorite artist live again.