Opinion: The Airpods Pros Are Worth Buying

William Huang, Staff Writer

Apple-a company synonymous with overpricing products. But despite most people believing their products are overpriced, they still buy it because it is either the best on the market or part of the Apple ecosystem. The Airpods Pro, released on October 30, 2019, is no exception to this idea.

When Apple unveiled the original Airpods on September 7, 2016, there was huge criticism. Not only was it considered ugly with many people comparing it to toothbrushes. It was also expensive, having a retail price of $159. But sure enough, people still bought the item and it soon became the biggest innovation since the original iPhone. It also became the most popular wireless earbuds, claiming 60 percent of the wireless earbud market and generating almost $10 billion dollars for Apple. That is enough money to be a Fortune 500 company!

Whereas the Airpods improved wireless earbuds by making them truly wireless and the connection process seamless, the new Airpods Pros added noise cancellation and transparency mode. In addition, it was water-resistant and effectively stayed the user’s ear. But with the high price of $249.55, many have been debating whether or not it is worth buying.

In the past, critics have spoken about the high price tag. However, the price accounts for more than just the materials and the work needed to assemble something. According to CNBC, Apple spent over $16 billion dollars on Research and Development in 2019, making them the top 5 in that category. In order to keep pouring out quality products, Apple has to continuously charge a high price to cover the cost of their research. Without the money, innovations from the company will considerably slow down or even stop all together, ending the production of future revolutionary products.

Another fact that many critics do not consider is tech purchases are made only every few years for a customer and are long-term investments. That means that Apple has to consider the price of a product in terms of its whole lifespan. Assuming that the average user uses the Airpods Pro for about a year before replacing them, the price of the Airpods Pros would equal about 68 cents per day, less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee. From this perspective, Apple gets very little for one Airpods Pro sold and the user gets them for a great price.

If you are worried about the quality of the new earbuds, in terms of functionality compared to its predecessor, the wireless earbud’s new features are a big step up. It allows you to enjoy your music more during a car ride and allows you to concentrate on your work in a noisy environment. It also allows you to exercise while wearing earbuds without the worry of sweat damaging it.

Even though the Airpods Pro’s price may look big at first, it is a product that will bring you satisfaction and is worth buying.