Frozen II Movie Review (Spoilers)

William Huang, Staff Writer

Frozen 2 Movie Poster Courtesy of Disney

The success of Frozen I and its catchy song track instantly got me excited for the release of the sequel – Frozen II. Its release garnered lots of attention and it is currently at the top position at the box office. It got more than 130 million dollars domestically in its opening weekend and is projected to be Disney’s sixth billion dollar film this year.

The story takes place after the events of the original movie. Everything seems to be fine in Arendelle until Queen Elsa starts hearing sounds from a ancient, mystical forest. Due to her curiosity of the “unknown,” she decides to embark on a journey through the forest with her sister, Ana, and friends. Through her journey, she gets closure on her parents death and uncovers the shocking truth behind Arendelle’s past.

Throughout the first half of the movie, I could not identify the antagonist. When the antagonist was revealed at the end of the movie, I was shocked to find out that the adversary was not a person but rather the past. It was the first time I encountered a movie with such a unique conflict, a respectable aspect of the film.

In addition to the distinctive plot of the story, the movie had unprecedented quality. Although all Disney films are made to the highest standards, this movie was in a league of its own. The clothes the characters wore were clearly detailed to the very thread and the environment just felt lively during the whole movie.

Most importantly, the songs contained the same magic that the original film held. I caught myself humming to the music during the film and continued on even after leaving the theater.

Despite the good things in Frozen II, there was one thing I did not like – it lacked character development from the protagonist. In other words, the actions of Ana and Elsa would have been the same regardless of whether they encountered a situation in the beginning or the end of the movie.

Overall, Frozen II was an amazing movie and I highly recommend it, however, it probably will not be on the top of my must watch movie list.