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NT Abam
NT Abam is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. He's in the Journalism class which he enjoys, although he is not committed to pursuing journalism as a career. He has 2 siblings, 1 brother and 1 sister. He's from Nigeria. His favorite sports are basketball, football and soccer, but despite the fact that he enjoys these sports almost equally, he favors basketball the most, as he has had more experience playing on basketball teams, and just playing with people around him. His favorite basketball team is Houston Rockets, his favorite soccer team is Manchester United, and his favorite football team is Washington Redskins. In addition to playing basketball with his friends and hanging out to watch sports, he loves to play video games as well in his spare time; he also extremely values the idea of working out when time permits, and maintaining a healthy diet to stay healthy and fit. Academic wise, he has always preferred math as his favorite subject, and he has always excelled at it year after year.. He enjoys foods that are, for the most part, rich in protein, so his favorite dish to eat is usually chicken or just meat overall to go with either some pasta, or rice. He was born in the US, but spent the majority of his life in Africa, so he enjoys talking about his African culture and how it is out there; he heavily embraces where he came from, how he grew up, and how life has served him differently in America.

NT Abam, Staff Writer

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NT Abam