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Dear White People Review

Jakeea Jones, Staff Writer

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The trending Netflix series “Dear White People” displays some serious points that maybe some of us weren’t aware of. We are privileged enough to live in a diverse community and don’t have to be directly involved in some of these serious race issues.

One of the major conflicts in the series involved a “black party” at which white students painted their face, imitating black people. Most of viewers were completely shocked by this because we weren’t aware that things like this really can happen – they just don’t happen around us.

The cast of the show has two groups – the rebellious students who will do anything to get their point across, and the students who use the system to their advantage.

The main character, Samantha, lives a double life until her secret gets out. She’s a strong black woman who is tired of being oppressed by her white classmates and the people above them but is deeply in love with a white man. She finds herself being looked down upon by her friends, mostly because she felt she had to keep this secret and she was seen as a hypocrite.

This show demonstrates some serious racial differences that may not happen here, but happen somewhere. It uncovers the fact that racism is still very much alive and shows what it is like for some African American students and what it is like being a black student versus a white student.

Dear White people covers a lot of eye opening problems that we are fortunate enough to avoid.

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Dear White People Review