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Zsyrii Ennis, Staff Writer

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“Senioritis” is typically something that affects high school seniors toward the middle and end of their school year. Seniorits symptoms include excessive tardiness or absence, extreme fatigue, obsession with Netflix, going out to eat during class, extreme procrastination, sleeping in class, and apathy. Throughout the school year seniors have been swamped with college applications, finals, and/or classes overall.

I believe that “senioritis” doesn’t just affect seniors. It’s the end of the year, so most students are tired with all the things school has forced upon them. Thinking that school isn’t worth it or wanting to stay in bed is perfectly normal, but seniors may have the worse type of “senioritis.” Roaming the halls like zombies and not participating in class is something they bring to the table.

With the whole school year just about through, everyone should just hang in there. The seniors last day is May 12th and even after that the underclassmen don’t have that long until they get out of school in early June. Getting through the end of this 2016/2017 school year is just going to take a little faith and courage from the whole student body. Hang in there guys, we are almost done!

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