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Prince George’s County Graduation Rates

Zsyrii Ennis, Staff Writer

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On the morning of February 8th 2017,  Prince George’s County employees traveled to eight high schools with graduation rates over 90%. On the PGCPS website it states that out of the 24 high schools listed, 6 schools had graduation rates at or above 90%. Those schools were the Academy of Health Sciences at Prince George’s Community College, Gwynn Park High School, DuVal High School, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Charles Herbert Flowers High School, and Bowie High School. All of these high schools had a 90% graduation rate or more for both the years of 2015 and 2016.

On the PGCPS school website it lists the past graduation rates, and I have noticed that these schools have come a long way. In 2014 only 6 high schools were listed showing the 2012 and 2013 graduation rates, in which none of them were above 90%.  The dropout rate went from 19.53% in 2012 to 18.50% in 2013 which is slow but good progress. In 2015 the dropout rate decreased to 16.73%, and the graduation rate increased by over 67.03%.

To further decrease dropout rates, I believe that schools should provide more classes students are interested in. Students spend over 45+ hours a week at school, which can make even the best student uninterested in learning. By listening to what the students want and their interests, it may make students more excited to participate.

In the future the dropout rates are likely to decrease due to advancements in technology such as, computers and items teachers use while teaching ,and improvements in the public school system. The public school system should provide support for students who are debating whether they should stay in school, and listen to each student’s individual needs. Not every student learns at the same speed and in the same way. If we can focus on each separate student and support their interests, I believe dropout rates wouldn’t go above 5%.

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Prince George’s County Graduation Rates