Kehlani: Bittersweet

Jakeea Jones, Staff Writer

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We’ve all had our one song we listen to when our loved ones upset and hurt us, but Kehlani has blessed us with a whole album to listen to. Her new album, SweetSexySavage, was released January 27, 2017. She comes back better than ever in this album.

The first song on her album is her intro, which starts off with “My condolences to anyone who lost me.” In this album, Kehlani realizes her worth and that she deserves to be treated better by someone who can understand her. This sends a good message to her fans–it gives us something to relate to. We must all realize our worth and we shouldn’t expect anything less than what we deserve.

Her album is all of the above–she has her sweetness, but she also puts the one who hurt her on the spot, like a savage. She talks about how they have hurt her and how they will miss her once they realize her worth. She continues to ask herself why she is still with someone who doesn’t treat her the way she is supposed to be treated.

She also shows how she is a savage by clearly displaying that she isn’t tied down to one person. In her song “Do U Dirty,” she warns her partner that she isn’t the one to love because it won’t end in any good way. She’s young, beautiful and talented, why not live her life the way she wants to?

It is evident that someone has hurt Kehlani from the feelings she expresses through her songs. She does what most artists do when they get out of a relationship: Release an album with a entirely new look and style. She changed appearance, cut her hair, and wrote a new album. One of her songs, “Thank You,” is her tribute to the person who hurt her for making her a stronger and better person. This is where the sweet in her album comes from; that was her reward for all the things she went through in her relationship. She learned more about herself in the midst of trying to have someone understand her, but in the end she was the one learning to understand herself.


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