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The different ways to cross a wall

Rokhaya Niang, Opinion Editor

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Tight rope. Zip line. Ladder. Tunnel. People have been crossing over -and under- walls since the beginning of walls. A great example of this is the border wall between the Unites States and Mexico.

The existing wall between the United States and Mexico is about 580 miles long and is a fragmented conglomerate of different fences. People who survive the dangerous journey through the rough climates near the border are not going to be stopped by a wall. They actually have not been stopped by a wall in the past.

This renders the existing wall an expensive yet ineffective attempt to stop illegal immigration. The obvious next step in the fight against illegal immigration is to continue pouring money into a method that has proved ineffective. Let’s try the same thing and expect a different outcome.

Very sticky gloves. This is yet another way over a wall.

Okay, yes, Flint, Michigan still needs clean water. Sure, the estimated 14 billion dollars it will take to build the wall could go to education, housing, or healthcare. Yes, maintenance and upkeep of the wall will be really expensive. But don’t think of the costs! Think about hispanic peopleĀ gone, back in Mexico. Now imagine some back in the country because you could also boat around the wall.

After all, where there is a wall there is a way.

Note to readers: The definition of the word sarcasm is the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

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The different ways to cross a wall