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Recap of the Washington Wizards

Ratrell Ray, Staff Writer and Cartoonist

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The Washington Wizards had a horrible start to the season, beginning with a record of 9-14. Initially it seemed as though the Wizards would have another disappointing season with meager defense and sub-par play from the second unit. Yet, the Wizards were able to turn themselves around, reaching 34-21 and the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference by the All-Star break.

During the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons, the Wizards’ future looked bright. They managed to make the playoffs as the fifth seed in both seasons. The team had a perfect blend of young talent and veterans that allowed them to be a somewhat competitive force in the Eastern Conference. Yet what excited Washington fans the most was their potential. The team even adopted the slogan “DC rising” to show their growing potential as an NBA force. Then the 2015-2016 season came along. They finished 41-41 and ended as the 10th seed in their conference, not making the playoffs. Their coach since 2012, Randy Wittman, was fired and replaced with Scott Brooks. Although the season was disappointing, the future did not look bleak.

Despite the Wizards’ obvious struggles in the beginning of the season they have managed to end the season as the 4th seed.┬áThe Wizards have shown a lot of improvement since the start of the season. John Wall is second in the league in assist at 10.7 and also second in steals, directly behind Draymond Green. Wall is also averaging about 23 points and 10.3 assists while Bradley Beal is averaging about 23 points as well. The Wizards ended the season fifth highest in points per game, averaging 109.2 points. Despite being efficient offensively, the Wizards struggled defensively, ranking the 10th highest in points allowed. Regardless, the Wizards’ foundation of John Wall and Bradley Beal looks as promising as ever. How the Wizards perform in the upcoming playoffs will say a lot about how seriously the Washington Wizards should be taken in the Eastern Conference.

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  1. Smith John on September 23rd, 2017 5:32 pm

    This pleased me to the deepest extents of my inner soul. I find it pleasing the demons that curse my inner soul.


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Recap of the Washington Wizards