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What’s All the yak about Yik Yak?

Bria SImmons, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Yik Yak, a popular app available for iPhones and Androids, has been the source of recent talk in the app-world. Yik Yak is focused toward the college audience, however many adults and high school students have been known to use it. This app allows you to communicate and share opinions and information with anyone within a 10 mile radius zone.

It works similar to Twitter in the sense that you can post comments. It also compares to Facebook because you can “upvote and downvote,” which is similar to liking and disliking. Not only do you get to spread funny jokes and shout outs, you get to do so anonymously which adds to the fun because you get to keep your privacy. Junior Salma Tayel says “it’s hilarious. I really like using it because you can be anonymous and there are no limits or boundaries.” Students also claim there are benefits to the application. “It’s cool to see the thoughts of local people, a revolutionary way to interact with people,” says junior Cesar Cucufate-Reyes.

As fun as it is to post humorous comments anonymously, Yik Yak has also been receiving bad reviews regarding these posts. Some students have been victim or witnesses of bullying, rude comments, and additional inappropriate content on the app. Junior Billy Rosenberg states “it can be very funny but at the same time since it’s anonymous, it can be rude and some people use it to bully.”

Users are also concerned about the safety factor of the app. Senior Sarah Tayel stresses “things are put out there and even when you can trace it back you can’t pinpoint who exactly said it and when. You can basically say anything you want without worrying about getting caught.” Tayel adds “the fact that it’s based on your area is pretty dangerous also.” However, it is expected that the app contain “explicit” content, because after all, it is rated ages 17+ for reasons such as frequent/intense horror, frequent/intense cartoon or fantasy violence, frequent/intense profanity or crude humor, frequent/intense alcohol, tobacco, or drug use or references, frequent/intense sexual content or nudity frequent/intense mature/suggestive themes, and other reasons that are most likely labeled as “frequent/intense.” However, despite the negative aspects of Yik Yak, students continue to have fun and as the app’s motto states “ride the yak.”


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What’s All the yak about Yik Yak?