ERHS Celebrates Spirit-Filled Roose Week


Roose Olympics on the football field. Courtesy of Emmanuel Akintokun

Njeri Kamenwa

From April 11 to April 13, seniors at ERHS had time to shine with their individual spirit week. During the following week, however, the entire school participated in Roose Week, which lasted from April 17 to April 20. The first day, Monday, was Soccer Mom Versus  BBQ Dad Day. Students went all-out for this event, from BBQ Dads with spatulas and fake mustaches to Soccer Moms with soccer balls! Tuesday, the second day, was Decades Day, where scholars could travel back in time and look like someone from the 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s. Wednesday was Twin/Duo Day, where students could wear the same outfit as another classmate—or with actual twins! Finally, Thursday was Class Color Day. The 9th grade wore green, the 10th grade wore purple, the 11th grade wore yellow, and the 12th grade wore orange. Class Color Day was also the first ever Roose Olympics, so everyone at ERHS could participate in Powder Puff, Tug of War, Track, or the Obstacle Course—after the Staff Versus Students’ Basketball Tournament in the gym, that is! The students won 49-29, but the student and staff athletes had a great time and showed good sportsmanship.

Students had a lot to say after Roose Week. Freshman Camila’s favorite part of that week was “seeing everyone dressed up as mostly BBQ Dads and watching DRB perform” at the halftime show for the basketball game. However, she didn’t enjoy Class Color Day because “it seemed like complete chaos,” and the hot weather that ensued “did [her] no justice.” Sophomore Oluwatomi Fadele enjoyed the basketball tournament between the students and staff because “it piqued [her] interest to go to more basketball games,” as this was “[her] first basketball game that [she] watched at school.”

Seeing the entire school participate in Roose Week gives us reason to believe that, after two years of uncertainty, Eleanor Roosevelt High School truly is going back to the Roosevelt Way.

Score of the teacher-student basketball game.
This is a picture I took with some friends on the first day of Spirit Week! The first person (to the far left) is a soccer mom, the second person (to the second left) is a BBQ Dad and the last person to the far right is a soccer mom! Courtesy of Oluwatomi Fadele