Why everyone needs to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once at least once

Why everyone needs to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once at least once

Destinie Allen, News Editor

Everything Everywhere All at Once is A24’s sci-fi academy award-winning film that attacks certain topics like toxic family relationships, mental illness, and the struggles of living in an immigrant household. The movie centers around an Asian family that lives in a laundromat when on a simple trip to a bank Joyce’s (mother) husband Raymond suddenly tells her that she is the key to saving all the universes. This movie touched many people’s hearts in the theater not only because of the exceptional writing and the exceptional plot but also because of the reliability of the movie. 

After the film was released many people did not know what they were getting into; the trailer did not provide much information about the film. After people started watching the movie a variety of reviews started coming out about the impact the movie had on people on various social media accounts like Twitter and TikTok. Even after I watched the movie I started telling people about it and sharing why I think people should watch it. 

            I feel like the movie opens up important conversations that need to be had, mainly in the second part where the movie focuses on the fall and rise of the mother and daughter’s broken relationship. User “lakeinswade”  said “ I took my parents to go see the movie with me and they didn’t understand why the mother was doing all of that for their child” and “We talked a lot about how I felt during childhood and had a deep conversation about things I never thought we would”. Also user “bigneli” who said “ seeing the movie really opened up some memories and solidified my no contact with my mother and her toxic lifestyle.” This movie really brings up a lot of feelings that have been held down or kept back and I think they do it in such a good way. 

Though the movie didn’t get through to everyone, mostly parents who most reviewers said the point of the movie went right over their head. Like user “hfjofjiv” who said “When your parents say the movie was dumb and stupid but you were crying in the theaters thinking about your childhood by the end of the movie” and user “ihatedads” who said, “My parents not understanding the point of the movie matches their narrow mindedness.”

In my personal opinion, I think watching the movie can open a lot of conversations and let people realize a lot of feelings that they may have pushed down or held back. I felt like they attacked the important issues in a non-corny and unique way and that is what makes the movie so good. Going into the movie you really go in blind and you don’t really get any clarification until the second half but the way they tell the stories makes your eyes glued to the screen. Some people may think that the length or topics of the movie is too much for them but I think that everyone should try it out at least once to see.