How ERHS Prepares for AP Tests


SAT and AP Exam prep books. Courtesy of Amy Lepore

Olivia Visnic

As ERHS enters its first week of AP testing, stress levels among students are increasing rapidly. The first Advanced Placement (AP) tests,  AP Chemistry and AP Government will take place on Monday May 1, only days away. There is buzz among the many students enrolled in these classes about the various aspects of the test such as if they feel ready, the length of the tests, and how much studying they will have to cram into this weekend in order to feel adequately prepared for this test that they have been waiting for all year. 

You and your peers have most likely heard the complaints about the numerous AP classes which can create anxiety for people planning on and/or hoping to take these classes in the future. I interviewed two sophomores, Oluwatomi Fadele, and another who prefers to remain anonymous, that are in both AP Chemistry and AP Government and questioned if they felt well prepared. Oluwatomi responded, stating that  “ I feel fairly well prepared for both the AP Chemistry and AP Government exams, though for the AP Chemistry test, we have not finished our last unit, and I am afraid that because we haven’t thoroughly covered all the material needed for the test, there is a chance that I will not be fully prepared for the exam.” She also explains what she has done to study, telling me that she has “compiled a 300+ word quizlet to review all the words from the five units, completed two full three hour practice exams, and reviewed all of Khan Academy’s Practice Tests for these various topics.” Oluwatomi finishes our interview by explaining how these various online resources have helped her “to be better prepared for the test format and train myself to complete the questions in a timely manner.” 

While many students are planning on taking AP classes, they are worried that they will not be able to handle the heavy workload and difficult tests, so we asked a sophomore currently taking two AP classes what her view on handling the class is. She says that “the biggest thing is picking an AP class that you are truly interested in, because that is the only way that you will stay motivated and on top of your work.” In addition to that, we asked her how she prepared for taking these classes last year and over the summer, and she explained that “the summer work is also very helpful and important, so don’t just shrug it off!”

As we get closer and closer to these AP exams occurring on May 1st, we wish luck to all the students taking these tests. We also hope that this advice from students enrolled in the classes will help you properly prepare for these rigorous, but also great classes with a variety of fantastic teachers.