Roosevelt Participates in Unified Bocce Tournament


Highlights from the bocce championships.

Sara Ferguson and Audrianna Jones

Bocce ball, a unified sport, is one of the lesser-known sports of the Roosevelt community. Unified sports are also known as corollary sports, and are offered throughout the academic year to provide athletes with and without disabilities the chance to absorb the benefits of an active lifestyle and sportsmanship. Although bocce is a simple yet challenging game, players are passionate and competitive when it comes to the sport. Roosevelt’s team participated in the PGCPS Bocce Tournament at Northwestern High School on Wednesday, February 1st. Bocce ball is an Italian sport that is played with a total of eight weighted balls and a pallino, a small white ball. The objective of this sport is to throw your bocce ball the closest to the pallino. Games are usually played with two teams and each team receives a total of four balls. There are no more than three rounds– and the first team to achieve a total of 12 points wins. The nature of the sport allows it to be played indoors or outdoors, and the rules make it easy to pick up. Athletes of all abilities are able to play year-round. Junior and bocce team member Blessing Bate shares what she enjoyed most about playing in the tournament: “There aren’t a lot of sports that care for students with special needs and bocce focuses on those students. ” She says playing it helps teams “learn different strategies and skills.” Junior Reyna Jones “decided to sponsor this sport so that” all students “can have teams to play against.” She enjoys playing the sport because it allows her to think about her next move. In addition to being fun, she says bocce “enhances hand-eye coordination and helps social development.” So instead of spending your day cooped up, find some time to play bocce ball with your family and friends– you might enjoy it.