The Return of Roosevelt’s Got Talent


Joy Reider and Audrianna Jones

Since the start of this school year (2022-23), many things have been returning to Eleanor Roosevelt High School. One of the more exciting student-based activities that have occurred this year includes Roosevelt’s Got Talent. ERHS’s French National Society worked tirelessly to bring back our annual talent show. The last time Roosevelt had a talent show was the 2019-20 school year, right before Covid-19. 

The talent show was excellent. The students in the talent show did an amazing job of sharing their talent with the school. The host and the staff crew did a great job putting the show together and making it enjoyable for the audience. The show felt like you were really at a concert, and the host entertained the crowd by interacting with them and making sure that everyone was having a good time. You could really tell that the performers were having a great time on stage and they loved that they were able to show their talent to their peers. The crowd’s energy was so high and everyone was being so supportive of each performance. 

One of the performers, junior Maliq White, shared his overall experience while getting ready for the show and why he decided to perform. “Well I always loved performing, when I was little I would put little shows on for my family and my entire family is very musical and so we would sing and dance any chance we got so it wasn’t as difficult as you may think”. One way he prepared for the show was he would do vocal warm-ups. 

The environment during “rehearsals was very healthy, I felt amazing I was so very nervous when they called my name and the nerves were a lot more there because I was the first act I was very nervous but when I walked onto that stage and the music started playing and I saw all my friends and family clapping for me the amount of love I felt it was a feeling that I will never forget. Especially when I opened my eyes and I saw everyone waving their phone flashlights side to side I just floored with serotonin” said White. 

Talent shows at school help kids be themselves on stage and build up their confidence. It can inspire other students that they can do the same thing as well and they can take their talent and do big things with them in the future. It shows the school spirit that the students have. 

Photo Credits: Joy Reider