Kanye West: What do students think about him?


Kanye West, AP Images

Gerardo Solis

In the last couple of weeks, social media focuses lately have been about the comments that Kanye West, “Ye,”  made. Lately, Ye has been making uncertain comments, comments involving racism, and comments that people question about, making his fans and supporters worried for him. He has made an impact on all of his viewers, and some of the students in the ERHS community, also other high school students as well. The questions the students have about his recent actions, how the students feel about them, how their opinions changed, is relevant to the ERHS communities and other communities. It is also important to mention the message he is delivering towards his fans and the ideas that Ye is putting in their minds.

Some articles already have their opinions on Ye. In a article in CNN by Bill Carter (an opinion), there is a quote that says “The toxic infection from Kanye West’s anti-Semitic comments is spreading.” He speaks about this because an anti-Semitic message scrolled across the outside of TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida during a college football game. The message reads: “Kanye is right about the Jews.” In another article by the Brown and White Editoral board, they also cover about Ye comments. “The rapper and fashion designer who now goes by “Ye” has been caught in an ever-worsening storm of self-inflicted controversy for his repeated spreading of disinformation and anti-Semitic comments.” The one disinformation that Ye said was about George Floyd. “More recently, Ye promoted the discredited claim that George Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose…”

Students from ERHS also had their own opinions on Ye. A 11th grade Roosevelt student believes he is wrong for the things he has done, “really wrong” he says, believes he needs to seek help, and he also said “He needs to shut up and keep making music.” Another Roosevelt who is a Ye fan believes that Ye needs to be around the right people and that he “doesn’t even know what’s good for him”. The student also says that Ye “needs to stop letting other people eat his brain away and get help,” meaning that Ye should be around people who gives positivity into his mind instead of negativity. Now that we heard from Roosevelt students, let’s hear a student from Parkdale Highschool. This 11th grade student who is a fan of Ye, “unfortunately” he says, believes that Ye should never be in interviews again, because of his statement which are “unacceptable” he says, even though he is still listening and enjoying to his music.