Senior Year is What You Make It


Seniors of Journalism class dressed up for Adam Sandler Day.

Sara Ferguson

Many may describe senior year as an overwhelming, task full, and chaotic, and they’re not completely wrong. Senior year is one of the most stressful years in high school and it may or may not get more challenging. However, you’re capable of making it one of the best years of high school – so have fun.

“I wish I knew that I needed to get my volunteer hours in because it would have been easiest to get them out the way” said a former senior. He also went on to say that “[he wished he] knew [he] was suppose to have a resume on hand because having a resume on hand in very useful for college professors and jobs.” 

J, a 2023 graduate, said, “Although senior year has been overwhelming, I’ve been having a lot of fun hanging out with my friends. My advice to other students, would be spend time socializing, join clubs or participate in classroom discussions; it works wonders.”

Get organized, learn how to plan ahead, don’t procrastinate. “Find a system that works for you. I keep a calendar that keeps me on track. You need to find ways to become responsible for yourself and part of this is about effective communication. Know that you will get in to college or get a job. ‘I’m not going to be accepted’ is a negative mindset. Have some confidence in yourself, but keep pushing yourself to grow and learn. You don’t want to waste a year of learning because of “Senioritis,” said Mr.Gleason. 

Although your last year can get hectic and quite confusing, take it one step at a time. With college applications right around the corner you may find yourself getting flustered and that’s completely fine, just remember to take a deep breath. If you find yourself debating whether or not you should ask for help on your college applications, go ahead and ask. Don’t let anything discourage you from your college applications, or prevent you from crushing your senior year.