Photo Essay: Moments of Joy Around ERHS

Leo Nguyen playing guitar.

Student with Guitar

This image captures a student playing the guitar, and it highlights the euphoria of discovering music. Creating music is one of the most intimate experiences in the world, yet it’s in its nature to be shared. It’s an intimate act to mold parts of yourself and present them to the world as art. Your work reflects who you are, where you came from, and what your life represents. When you choose to pick up any creative hobby and choose again to share it, it takes immense courage but in the end, opens you to the deep throws of life.


Club members look on at an African Student Union Meeting

African Student Union Meeting

Community is so often overlooked in today’s time. It can be seen as embarrassing or something we have to come to terms with. I wanted to capture this moment because it shows how wrong that line of thinking is. Community is being there for one another because you’ve been where that person is and you now share that bond. While each community has its problems, I ask you to think of the times when they lifted you up, and you truly felt that embrace of safety and understanding. That’s what community is all about, being seen.


From romantic, platonic, or familial love, they should all be cherished because sometimes it isn’t. In the busy lives of high school students, we forget to slow down for a moment and appreciate the people in our
lives. I challenge you, reader, to reflect on the amazing people in your life.


A friend group laughing and eating food together.


There are multiple ways I can describe intrapersonal relationships. But the most important one is your tribe. They can be your family but they are the people you spend hours with, in comfortable silence. Or, in this case, the people who you can laugh with over questionable cafeteria food.


Student Thrace Sherman looks into the camera.


Lastly, you. The ever-changing person that doesn’t give up. Whether you are facing a difficult
situation or you are putting yourself out there for the first time, you have shown up for yourself and done your best. If you haven’t recently, I want you to take this article as a sign to step up because you deserve to be happy.