Greenbelt Community Hosts Annual “Sparkle Mart”


Sparkle Mart Vendor, Photo credit: Joy Reider

Joy Reider , Co-Editor-in-Chief

Sparkle Mart, Greenbelt’s annual arts and crafts fair is an event that occurs every first weekend of December. This year the event took place and the 3rd and 4th of December. The fair is a space for artists, artisans, and authors to share their work and for people of the community to discover new things, buy Christmas gifts, and look at different artworks and other things. Artworks seen at the event include ceramics, woodworking, fiber arts, metalwork, art glass, paintings, photography, books, toys, and more. The fair takes place at the Greenbelt community center gymnasium and is a part of the annual Winter Light Festival. While shopping and admiring the different pieces of artwork, people in attendance can also enjoy the live music performances that take place on the stage of the gymnasium. Shoppers get a chance to participate in the free raffle that takes place during the first day of the event, for an opportunity to win $50 in “Art Bucks” gift certificates that can be spent at the fair on the last day. 

A few participating vendors found in the photo gallery: 

Cheryl Paret of ShoshMo Designs 

Momma Rain of Momma Rain Art

Toby Rivkin’s Ceramic Art

Rachel Ann Cross of Planet Rachel 

Terrapin Fiberworks-10% off your next order with code TERRAPIN

Charlene Clark Studio– Original Oil Paintings

Maryland Birds on Boxes

Eric Leland’s Manufactory

Jaqueline Bryant Campbell

Volunteer opportunity: high school students and adults are invited to join the crew for this fun event and many more that take place at the community center! Write [email protected] and let us know your availability. 

Prospective vendors: this show is currently full. However, vendors are welcome to apply to the waitlist. Information and applications.

Venue: Greenbelt Community Center, 15 Crescent Road

Artist features: to see who participated, visit greenbeltrecreationarts on Facebook and Instagram, and @artsgreenbelt on Twitter.