How Students Handled the Return of Bleach


Image of Bleach’s new Arc “Bleach: Thousand -Year Blood War” Image from IMDB

Abdiqani Abdullahi

On October 10, 2022, one of the big 3 anime, Bleach returned after ten years. People knew it would come back waiting for its return and it has finally come. It’s about the main character Ichigo Kurosaki, a substitute soul reaper. He and his friend defeat new villains that appear and guide the souls of the dead to the soul society. Its manga was first published on August 7, 2001. Some years later it premiered its first anime episode on October 5, 2004. It ended on March 27, 2012, due to its low ratings but came back after 10 years.

The new arc Bleach Thousand-year Blood War is about soul reapers and Quincy’s having a war starting with the Quincys attacking the Soul Society. Soul Reapers are supernatural spirits that lead wandering spirits of the dead to the Soul Society. A Substitute soul Reaper is when a soul reaper gives their power to someone who is not a “Soul Reaper.” The “Soul Society” is the base of the Soul Reapers. Quincy’s are the same as soul reapers but instead of guiding souls they completely extinguish souls. That causes the Soul Society and the human world to fall because there are too many souls in the human world. There will be no more spoilers but, there is no doubt that Bleach has been the top 5 most popular animes in the world but ended tragically in 2004 because of low ratings even though it is one of the greatest of all time. It was made in 2004, the animations were low quality. 

So how did Students take this? Seeing one of the greatest anime to come back, fans are excited. Seeing one of the best anime characters come back Ichigo is thrilling. An ERHS student Kendra Nketsiah says “Everything was good about the first episode. The animations, seeing the new looks of the characters, etc.” It’s evident that she loved the return of Bleach, seeing all-new villains and the same old characters coming back. Another student Omotosho Oladejo says “It did a great job of re-introducing Ichigo, bringing excitement to the viewers, and building suspense.” Most think Bleach did a great job with its suspense and showing up. The trailers before the show came out were perfect. It showed all the characters making the viewers excited and filled with joy. One major negative of Bleach before its return is its filler episodes. Bleach had 164 episodes that are fillers, which is just under 45 percent. Overall, people still enjoy Bleach and are excited for more episodes.