Meet the Administration: Mr. Belarde


Mr. Belarde in his office. Photo courtesy of Joy Reider

Grace Luis

Returning to the 2022-2023 school year, students were filled with anticipation and were surprised to hear that there were new assistant principles. Jesse Belarde is one of the new brightest additions to the ERHS community and is “proud to be considered a Raider!” Belarde has been teaching in PGCPS for three years. Before coming to Roosevelt, he was at High Point for two years and is now the assistant principal for the sophomores with last names L-Z.

Twenty-three years ago, his love for teaching was first sparked when his father got him his first subbing job for an Elementary school PE class. Mr.Belarde recalls that he “was instantly hooked to teaching.” Mr.Belarde is a native Californian and attended Fairfield High School. He attended and did his under-grad work at Humbodt State and did his master’s online at the Univerity of Phoenix. Present day in 2022, he is still doing what he most enjoys.

Although Belarde is an accomplished individual, he still has many talents and hobbies in his free time. He enjoys car detailing, writing, and amateur photography. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, mountain biking, hiking, and fishing. With an optimistic view for the school year Mr.Belarde wanted to say a few words, “I want to thank everyone in the student body for such a warm welcome to Roosevelt! I appreciate your willingness to let me get to know you and I look forward to many wonderful years to come!”