Do’s and Don’ts of Junior Year


Joy Reider

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Joy Reider and Mia Helfrich

Rising juniors, your toughest year of high school is around the corner. To make your upcoming year a little easier, members of the class of 2023 have assembled to offer advice on the tips and tricks they used to get through junior year successfully. Topics range from stress management, friends, SAT’s and much more. 


Personal Advice:

“Be yourself, don’t try to be like anybody else, don’t go based on what other people think, be what you want to be and enjoy life.” 

– Ahmed Fofana

“Stay in your lane, don’t try to fit in, don’t try to do too much, make sure you do your work and have fun. Senior year is going to come by fast so enjoy every moment.” 

– Samuel A.S. 

“Definitely be smart, balancing your school work and your social life because it is a lot, But if you make sure that you actually, like, do your work, then you’ll be fine. Don’t take physics.” – Mia Hamilton

“Come to school on time. That’s very important so you don’t miss anything. Listen to the morning announcements. And if there are any opportunities, take them while you can because you’re going to need them.” 

– Theresa Keith

Everyone says it, but do not procrastinate. Do that work early, do the project early, you do not want all the work to be bundled on you. Slow down, relax, everything will be fine.

Mariama Samura


Stress Management: 

“Try to do all of your work, because once the third quarter hits, you cannot catch up.”

– Blessing Madileegbu

“It’s really important to do your work and time management is a big thing, because junior year goes by fast. Also, remember to take a break and keep up with your mental health and wellness! Lastly, don’t take physics. “ 

–  Tahzja Ross

“DON’T procrastinate, this is going to be a very tough year, you’re going to go through several ups and downs and the biggest thing to do is to persevere through it all. There’s going to be many time’s where you want to give up, but honestly you gotta stay through it. Don’t let this year be a complete drought on your mood, try to stay positive.”  

-Kevin Mayo

“Make sure you get your work done, I know the workload and management might be hard, but just make sure you get your work done and try to control what you can control.” 

– Niko Crumper-Peoples 

“If you are planning on going to college, focus on your 11th grade year because the 12th grade year would be short. Take breaks, don’t overwork yourself or stress yourself out. You can have fun just make sure you get your work done.” 

– Laliah Rahman


APs and SAT

“For the SAT’s make sure you study for the math section. Don’t forget to get involved in clubs and activities, because colleges want to see that you’re doing things in your high school career. Just join any club at all and stay consistent with it.” 

– Daniel Makinde

“If it’s your first time taking an AP class, I suggest you actually put in the work and try your best not to fall behind, especially if you’re taking more than one.” 

– Helena Tesfaye

“Junior year is the hardest year and it can be confusing with all the testing and the classes and assignments, but really just focus on finishing that next task, don’t focus on the whole year and get stressed out, focus on the moment. Have fun, talk to your friends, and you’ll be fine.” 

– Olawale Adurota

Take dual enrollment in the Spring. Try to get those SSL hours in BEFORE, ensuring you have a chance at half day for senior year or extra time to add any needed classes. And take an internship or learning course for whatever field you´re going in. 

– Hadassah Marshall

“Don’t take more than 3 APs. Pace yourself throughout the year so that you don’t burn out. Make the most of this year by making friends and joining clubs. Finally, don’t stress too much. Stress only as much as your assignment necessitates.” 

Sulayman Khan