Your 2022 Summer Concert Guide

Brooke Sharp and Audrianna Jones

Summer break is coming up and most students don’t know what to do with their free time. To combat the inevitable boredom you might face, a good suggestion to consider is to attend a concert or a live performance. Live performances are a great way to release the stress that’s been building up over this school year and is also a great opportunity to make memories with your friends over this summer break.

Sharing music is one of the strongest bonds between friends. There is something about a shared love for a band that brings people together like nothing else. Sophomore Imani Trinity said that yes “she thinks that concerts  are enjoyable but also not really because of possible risk with big crowds.” Going to a concert can be an emotional and personal experience and can be a wonderful moment for people and it can also make friendships stronger. 

Sophomore Damilola Ogunbamiwo mentioned that she loves going to concerts because she’s ¨able to see [her] favorite artists perform and make new friends during times like intermission and bond over their similar  taste in music.” 

 Whether you have never been to a concert or you consider yourself an avid concert attender, here are some suggestions of  concerts that are performing in the DMV area this summer that you might enjoy. Click each month to view the calendar!