Reflections on ERHS Dance Program’s First Live Performance


Dancers Kaliyah Scott, Sania Stanley, Tiana Scotland at dance show

Audrianna Jones

Friday April 29th dancers at ERHS are put together a dance production. As a performer in the show, it was wonderful to see the performances come together and talk to other dancers about their experience and the process of making the show.

The dance was very good. There were different types of dances that performed that night and the songs were great. The music made you want to watch the show and made you want to dance on stage with the actual dancers. Some of the costumes matched the theme of the songs. The Lights Crew did a good job as well.  The lights reflected on the costumes which added a great detail to the show. It looked like the dancers were having fun on stage and they had  lots of energy and it felt like they were enjoying themselves. Before the show some of the dancers were helping their fellow dancers and giving encouragement to those dancers that were really nervous about going on stage for the first time. The dress rehearsal was also really good as well. Some of the students came to watch and they looked like they really enjoyed it as well as the parents. 

Dancers Imani Trmity and Sania Edwards  shared their experience and how they felt leading up to the show and during the whole process. Imani explained that  “there was a lot of practice involved. The class would “run the dances full out and mark them, go over  spacing, and fix timing issues.” “We also go over certain parts of the dances that everybody was having trouble with,” she said.  There was a dress rehearsal to see how the costumes would fit and if any adjustments needed to be made.  She also shared how she got herself ready for the show “by practicing on my own time as well as doing the dances full out during class.”

The dancers at our school dance to express themselves and they are doing something that they love. Dancing is like talking and putting all their emotions through the movements. “I dance because it’s a way of expressing myself I also love the different genres of dance that can help me learn new things. It is also fun and rewarding but also very tiring said Trmity”.

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you get exposed to what you don’t know,” award-winning choreographer and educator Bill Wade said. There are some kids at our school that are dancing for the first time and taking dance classes for the first time and they had never danced on stage before. Sania Edwards mentioned  “the days leading up to the performances I was really nervous about dancing in front of an audience because it would be my first live performance. I practiced for days to try and perfect all my choreography.”

The ERHS dancers  did an amazing job putting together a show so that their family and friends could see and enjoy. Knowing the process of different events and productions is good because you can see how the dancers feel during their practices because it can be stressful especially when the time for the show comes.

Dance students take a bow after the performance.