Return of AP Exams Began with Chaotic First Day


Photo of the sign seen before AP test takers enter the gym.

Brooke Sharp

The AP exams are returning to its in person setting for the first time in 2 years.  Through all of the challenges of this school year, AP students and teachers have continued to persevere through the curriculum for their class to prepare for the ever fast approaching AP exams. This year the 2022 AP exams will take place over 2 week intervals: May 2 to May 6 and May 9 to May 13. 

For students who took AP classes for the first time last school year and for first-time AP class takers this year, this is a completely new experience. With our return to virtual learning in the beginning of this year, there’s been an even bigger crunch for time — as we know, everything slows down while we´re online. 

As a first time AP class and AP test taker, this year has been pretty stressful. Learning that I have to take my only 2 AP exams back to back on the same day was equally as stressful as this whole year has been. I feel like I would´ve done somewhat better on my AP Chem exam if I had some time to be able to eat lunch other than eating a snack during the 10 minute break we got. 

I think like any school event it was chaotic and especially having the first AP test scheduled for this school year, there was more preparation that proctors could have done including, taping the names of everyone taking the test and their seated numbers, making sure every test is accounted for and set up, and that every student had a pencil, pen, and depending on the test their own calculator. I’m sure that after having a two year hiatus of in person AP exams there were even more precautions that needed to be taken as Covid continues to ensue like spacing people out far enough to socially distance one another. 

Similar to my experience, sophomore Victoria Obisesan shared her stance on the inconvenience stating that she and other AP Gov students “were instructed to get to school at 7:30 AM, but the proctors were still preparing past 8 AM, but with limited staff it was reasonable that there were some difficulties getting started¨  Senior Bernard Bangura said that even after the first AP test of the day occurred his experience with taking the AP Chem exam was still ¨very unorganized and it took some time to get in the gym.¨ Along with that, we were so behind schedule that AP Chem test takers had to stay at school past 4:45 PM and were encouraged by proctors to organize alternate forms of transportation during our only 10 minute break.

Hopefully as the AP exams continue it’s much more calm and students can prioritize being in the right state of mind before their tests. Good luck to all other AP test takers this year and if you need a hopeful reminder — summer break is right around the corner!